Automation and Engineering
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EMAC Ltd. would like to introduce the offer of the products and services regarding factory automation. We have the long run experiences in this area. We are focused on building good relationship with our customers and suppliers.

Our main business is focused on the complete solutions of factory automation based on products of our partners and our technical knowledge these products. We supply spare parts to our customers too.

Our offer included everything for factory automation in your company:
• control motion and manipulation with semi-finished products and products,
• machine vision system for visual checking of the products,
• contact and non-contact measuring for control of the quality products,
• sensors for detection of subjects a measuring sensors,
• electronic components for product lines,
• R&D
and building and rebuilding product lines in accordance with customer demands.

We offer our products and services to staffers responsible for one of next area:
• production of semi-finished products and final products,
• maintenance of product lines and technologies,
• check of quality product process,
R&D Research a Development new product lines and rebuilding product lines.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you,
team EMAC Ltd.
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